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 Admin Levels (Ranks)

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PostSubject: Admin Levels (Ranks)   Thu 19 Jul - 10:33

This Admin Level list is made just to show people when they will be promoted so they wont ask for admin levels (ranks) on the server. Asking for admin levels will result a demotion. If you will ask further it will result a PERM BAN or KICK from the CLAN.

Player Levels
Level 0 0 ( has no admin commands and will be promoted to level 1 when seen a lot on the server )
Level 1 Traveler ( seen on the server a lot, is respected and gives respect back )
Level 2 Citizen ( is registered on forum )
Level 3 Associate ( everyone who wants to join the clan will be put on trial for 2 weeks before they can join )

Full Member Levels
Level 4 *Soldier of GE* ( new member of the clan )
Level 5 *Lieutenant* ( the member is 1 month in the clan, knows the rules and respects the players, is active on the forum )
Level 6 **Captain of the Guard** ( knows how to handle the cmds, helps around the server and forum )
Level 7 **Senior House Elder** ( is an respected member, is in clan 6 months )

Admin Member Levels
Level 8 **-Clan Recruiter-** ( is choosen by the leader and is the only person that can recruit people in the clan )
Level 9 **-Clan Co-Leader-** ( choosen by the leader and helps the leaders to run the clan )
Level 10 **[Clan]-[Leader]** ( is the boss of the clan )

Cheers, Dellboy!
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Admin Levels (Ranks)
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